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I am super excited to be shooting Staci and Chris’ wedding in September up at Lord Hill Farms ! This Saturday, we met down at Golden Gardens beach here in Seattle for their engagement session. (I love Golden Gardens, and it looks as if everyone else in Seattle was loving it too on Saturday! The beach was packed packed packed!!)
I always find that the couples that do engagement photos, always end up more relaxed during their wedding photos as they already know what to expect. And since I knew that Staci and Chris were a bit worried about that, it was great to get them out there and realize that it is just about having fun! I am happy to say, that once Chris and Staci saw that all we were gonna do is run around playing in the sunshine and joking around… they relaxed super quick!¬† They even brought their dog Knight to be in the photos. Knight is a black lab and a LOVER of a dog. He was super cute and all about getting into the water to catch his ball. It was super cute to see the look on his face every time Chris or Staci threw the ball as they have him trained to not go get it until they give him the release command. Everytime the ball was thrown, he’d look back longingly at the ball, then Staci and Chris, and then the ball agian… but he wouldn’t move till they told him!

Staci and Chris are such an awesome couple. They are completely synced with each other which is so awesome to see in my job. When they say, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, it rang true for these two. They had met through so mutual friends and after a long night, Staci made him and their other friends breakfast at like 4 am… Staci opted for making Swedish pancakes as her grandpa always made them for her. Turns out, Swedish pancakes is the breakfast that Chris’ dad always made for him… and they bonded through nummy breakfast food! The next day they went to a Mariners game and talked through the whole thing… and have been an item ever since. Something tells me they will be having Swedish pancakes a lot in their lives together 🙂

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