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To go along with my new website and new brand, I have decided to open the details of my life up to you readers and let you in on bits and pieces of me and my life.  Since I treasure all the little things that I see in life and the people that I photograph, it occurred to me that you might want to see the life and little things that make up my life. I don’t have a set game plan for exactly what I will write every week… it might be a detail of my life, it might be something that inspires me or it might be one of those little things that I saw in the past week that stuck with me and I keep finding myself remembering and thinking on… whatever splendid detail that comes to mind I guess 🙂
To start this venture off, I knew instantly what I would write about first. Pete. My often goofy, ever supporting, ever loving, just 100% rad husband.


Pete and I have one of those relationships that compliment each other. Not that we don’t have our issues and our spats, but we try to go at life as a team… generally a team goofing off, but a team none the less. This is something that I get to acknowledge and appreciate just about every weekend in the summer when I get to go photograph two other people in love and making the commitment to be a team. I look at the way that the groom looks at his bride and realize how lucky I am because after 8 years together and over 3 years married, I still get a similar look from Pete on a regular basis.

Pete and I got together shortly after I graduated high school, and through all this time he never looked at my dream of being a photographer with anything other that determination to make it work. We went through many stages of my career where it was much less career and more building (which doesn’t exactly give paychecks :)… In all that time, Pete has been my rock (which is humorous seeing that Peter means “rock” ). We are completely different people than we were when we got together (at the tender ages of 17 and 19 yikes!! that was a while ago!). The coolest thing about being different people than we were when we met, is that we have both moved in the same direction trying to foster learning and passion in each other in all of our ventures.

My venture: Photography and working way too much (as all self employed people end up doing) , and him with his love for German engineering and cars. He is weekly coming to me with some new idea to make an improvement on a car or building something competely new and different. For example… this week is air-bagging our Vanagan’s suspension… last time it was building a diesel motorcycle. He inspires me on the amount of new crazy ideas he comes up with and how often he can find a logical and plausible way of executing his idea. ( And yes, he built a diesel motorcycle last year that gets 137 miles to the gallon!!! And goes 60 on the freeway! )

I look to Pete for fun and goofiness, love and support, a critical eye and and honest opinion. I treasure him dearly and it is in part why I love photographing weddings and families and new life so much. I love seeing in others what Pete and I bring out in each other : Radness 🙂


So that is my Splendid Detail for this Friday… the love of my life…

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The comments +

  1. So cool that you’re sharing this! Can’t wait to read future installments…

  2. So cool that you’re sharing this! Can’t wait to read future installments…

  3. Awwwww, so cute. 🙂 Love it!

  4. Awwwww, so cute. 🙂 Love it!

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