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So, this week… maybe not so splendid 🙂 We are moving tomorrow to a bigger house (still renting) and I am super excited. We will be living with my brother and his girlfriend who happens to be a super close friend of mine, and I can’t wait! Luckily we don’t move very often, we tend to stay put when we find a good place, but this time we outgrew this little house in Shoreline in just a year.
There is something disconcerting about living in a house of boxes. You pack up things that you tell yourself you won’t need for that week of change… and then you find yourself needing all those things that are neatly boxed, and at the bottom of the pile of full boxes :/ So I am excited to move all our stuff (and purge what we don’t need. Man does that feel amazing!) and start a new in a bigger better place!

So this weeks post is short and to the point. It’s a shout out to all our wonderful friends that are so willing to help us up and move to another place. Boxes and boxes galore.. Pete and I have some of the best friends one could hope for!

Hopefully next week’s post will be a bit more exciting 🙂 but that depends on internet connection.

Ah the joys of moving…

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