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One of the reasons I find weddings so amazing, is the amount of emotion that pours through the day. It isn’t just the emotion flowing through the bride and groom, but the emotions of the guests also. Weddings have the ability to make some stop and reevaluate the amount of emotion and love in their lives and their relationships. Even if many don’t realize it is happening, you can see it in the amount of embraces, the amount of kisses and the gentle touches that loved ones share during a wedding day.
Back in July of this year, I had the pleasure of photographing a wedding with the awesome local photographer Eliza Truitt. During the year, when I have a weekend date not booked with a wedding I will work as a second photographer for other wedding photographer friends in the area. I love doing this because it lets me work with some other great photographers and, working as a second photographer lets you try new things and play a bit outside my regular box of tricks… but that is a for a later blog post…

On this July date, I was shooting for Eliza, and the wedding was a kind of guerrilla wedding down on the beach of Discovery Park. By guerrilla, I mean no seats, no major structure to the ceremony, just a handful of people gathering at the beach near sunset and supporting the love of two people. The thing that caught my eye during Aubrey and Chris’s wedding was that just about all of their guests were embracing or supporting each other in some way. Some were full on embracing and others just had a couple of fingers entwined, but the message was clear for all. We draw support and love from each other and we are here to support and love Aubrey and Chris.

It was powerful to see and be a part of!


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