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header_01A couple of years back, some fabulous ladies here in the Seattle wedding industry got to talking about wishing they could do more for charities, but because of their small business stature, they couldn’t financially make the jump to helping that many larger companies could.
So, being creative gals and having huge hearts, they decided to put together their own charity auction here in Seattle and called it Get Hitched Give Hope. This charity is all about throwing a swanky party in October of every year where brides can come and find amazing prices for all of their wedding goods and services, while giving them reason to buy an amazing cocktail dress and come out and play for the evening.

Vendors from all over Seattle donated their goods and services so that 100% of the total could go towards the Making Memories Foundation which grants wishes for women with stage four metastatic breast cancer…. yes that means the ladies who won’t be here for the cure as they usually only have a year or so left to live. The proceeds from Get Hitched Give Hope (GHGH) go directly to grant these women their last wish. You can read all about it at the website here if you feel like having a good cry. The founders all are small business owners themselves and do all this good for no pay!

This idea came to fruition for their first swanky party in 2008 and man what a party it was! I was not one of those ladies who founded Get Hitched Give Hope, but once I heard about it, I knew it was too great of a cause not to help as I could. So, I helped volunteer night of at their raffle table the first and second year, and did my best to make sure everyone knew about this amazing event…

Well, I am super stoked to say, that because of the success of GHGH the past two years, they grew a bit and have asked some more people to come onto the team and help plan for what is going to be the best party yet… The 2010 party!!!

I was humbled and honored when the fabulous Barbie Hull called and asked me to be on her team to do my part in making GHGH 2010 amazing. It promises to be a crazy year… I will give you that! But it is going to be a year full of accomplishment and success and I am happy to be a volunteer team member to the gals (and a couple dudes) over at GHGH.

So… keep this swanky party in mind if you are getting married in 2011. This will be the place to find the best of the best for your wedding while giving the chance to as many women as we can to have their last wish granted. Just think of it this way… you are starting your new life, and what better way to make it amazing, by helping make the end of some woman’s life that much more memorable!

You will here more from me about GHGH as the year goes by, but I just want to say thanks to the founders of Get Hitched Give Hope for inviting me onto your team!

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