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Family is a funny concept. There are people who are your blood who you never seem to see and completely loose track of but they are family. And then there is the family that you make. The people you choose to include in your life and try to keep track of through all kinds of distance, even though, technically speaking, they are not family. It’s these people that, in my heart, are that much more than family.
I am a firm believer that the family you choose is just as strong if not stronger than the family you get by default. That is what this group is to me. Family.

20 years ago, we were together all the time, living on a huge beautiful peace of property in Tucson, Arizona. Three families living to together, the Ingrahams (my maiden name), the Hancocks and the Chapins.  I was the youngest of the group by some years, but  Christina, Sandy (not here), Marie, Brotherhood, Rec, Josh, Caleb and I were all one big group of kids running amuk probably driving our parents collectively insane… and now, twenty years later we were all {almost} back together again yesterday, in Arlington, WA, reconnecting.

Some still live in Tucson, some in Maui, some in Seattle/Everett, and some in Ellensburg, but yesterday we all made it back together like old times. Add our spouses (Pete couldn’t make it because of work sadly) and a new generation of kiddos running around, we are now the parents. The adults. And we are still family, growing new families.
I treasured yesterday and the memories and reconnections in made. I love you all! And can’t wait to see you all again in Maui, next for Rec and Lisa’s wedding 🙂

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