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Splendid Details: Cuteness

It’s been a crazy week. But to keep up with the being better at my goals like I talked about in my post about goals last week, I am making sure to make time to get my weekly post out.
Rest assured, there will be lots more posts coming soon. I have a couple great weddings, some cute cute babies, a growing family, and a fun yoga shoot I did, that will be coming up soon. But for today I have a post about Roxie.

My friend Josh has this adorable bulldog named Roxie. She is getting older, but is not lacking in sass in any way. I was up at Josh’s last weekend with a bunch of friends blowing up fireworks, being mature adults, and I had my camera with me. I had just rented the 60mm F2.8 Micro lens *drool* from Glazers for my wedding last weekend, and was itching to play with it.

The great thing about a micro lens is the amount of detail you can get at SUPER DUPER CLOSE DISTANCES. So.. since Roxie is so darn cute, I tormented her by holding a tortilla chip up to my lens and making her look my way before she got it. I am never too low for some bribery if it ends with pretty pictures 🙂

details of a bulldog

She was such a good subject 🙂 Look at all those wrinkles ! And, yes, she has a kleft lip. Which I think makes her that much cuter.

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