Splendid Details: Being a Giver

Last night I volunteered at the 2nd annual Get Hitched Give Hope . This is an event  that brings brides in to get amazing deals from wedding vendors while helping out people with stage 4 breast cancer. I am proud to be able to help with GHGH because of all the love and care and awesomeness that people put into this event. And ALL proceeds to this event go to the last wish of a woman with terminal breast cancer! The ladies (and one token dude) that put this on do it on a 100% volunteer basis while running their own small businesses… and trust me, I’ve seen what these gals do and it is in itself a full time job!
This event is put on by some of my friends and I just have to say that it is amazing to see what people can do when they put their hearts and energy out there!

So my thanks go out to  Eliza, Laurel, Barbie, Wendi, Michelle, Holly-Kate, Shannon, and the token dude… Ryan.

Thanks so much for putting on such an amazing event that can change the final days of some woman’s lives. You all are rockstars!!!!!

And all you brides should keep your eyes out for next years event! It is usually in late October, and I can already say I’ll be there next year too!

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