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When I go to a workshop, I go with the intent to learn about something particular, and I am stoked if  I walk away with more knowledge, but don’t really expect anything more. Well, that happened when I went to The Simple Plan 2 years ago (it’s an easy peasy approach to writing your business plan for wedding professionals, and it is knock your socks off good info!!!!) Then add to it the amazing wedding vendors I met there, it was the best workshop I could’ve ever gone to!

This is where I met the awesome Tara from Ephemera. She makes these AMAZING letterpress invites, and we became fast friends, finding inspiration in each other at our goals meetings every couple of months. It is great to have someone you can bounce ideas off of and who will actually expect you to make these goals that you throw out into the universe. Well, it was at one of these over caffeinated meetings at a Tully’s in Clyde Hill that we thought up this fabulous collaboration.

I was looking to offering something better than the boring template bland birth announcements to my clients booking newborn sessions. I was inspired to do this as I was pregnant at the time and I was wanting something more special and permanent for my son’s birth announcement. Your baby is such an amazingly huge change in you life, that when you send out your announcement, you should want to be proud of that as well. Have it be something that makes into albums or framed on grandma’s wall. Something that people will keep for a long time coming.

Tara and I were chatting about it and we thought it would be great to collaborate and create something completely unique!

And now it’s finally ready for the light of day!!

Ephemera and Rebecca Ellison Photography have teamed up to offer some pretty adorable photo + letterpress birth announcements and holiday cards!  The design is called “snug” because the hand-lettered wording fits snugly together as shown.  This photo was the announcement we did awhile back for my baby Lincoln who is now 6 months old (I had to try it out right?!?!). I say we, but in reality, the fun flowy snug design is all the brain child of Tara. She is amazing! She makes my photos looks just that much better!

The best part for me is that since every message is different, each design will be a bit unique – there are endless ways to design this cute little block of text:

Since we loved the baby announcement oh so much, we thought it would be great fun to offer holiday cards as well!


What are the details you ask??

Step one:

Book a Signature Session which features a custom-styled shoot at your home, both indoors and outdoors, or an alternate location if you prefer. Between thirty-five and forty portraits featuring detailed, artistic processing of each image will be presented to you in a private online slideshow for sharing with friends and family; a custom online ordering gallery or complimentary portrait design appointment.

A Signature Session booked with the addition of a Snug letterpress order for $175 (within Seattle city limits, additional charge for travel outside of Seattle) which is $25 off the regular price!!

Step two:

Snug letterpress cards added to a Signature session are a whopping 25% off of her regular pricing.

Prices start at $367 for 50 1-color cards (regularly $485).    You can add extra colors, more cards, and even a return address stamp to match.  For the complete 411, view the  Birth Announcement Info Sheet  or  Holiday Card Info Sheet

Time is of the essence:

For the best holiday card turnaround, schedule your photo session so it occurs before 11/21/2011.

Baby announcements can be ordered at anytime!

Because I am so excited by this, I am adding an introductory Special!

To sweeten the deal, I am offering a complimentary 4×6 sized digital file with your Snug order. That way you always have the printing rights to your absolute favorite image!  Hurry though, as only the first 10 sessions will be eligible.  This offer expires 12/1/11

*the 4×6 image must be the same image as you chose for your Snug letterpress card


Ready to order?

If you’re ready to get started, the first step is to book that photo session ASAP. Just email me at
Once that’s done, Tara and I will take care of the rest.


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