SEO Article Published on the Rising Tide Society Monthly Guide •
SEO Article Published on the Rising Tide Society Monthly Guide

Recently published in the Rising Tide Society Monthly Guide on SEO

One of the things I never expected to love so much in my business is writing and sharing my knowledge. I’m not the greatest speaker… I tend to use the wrong words on the regular. But, I’ve found a love for writing and educating others. So it makes me SO over the moon excited when I submit an article and get it published in the publications I love to look at.

The Rising Tide Society is a community of small business owners, mostly full of creatives. Creatives who’ve banded together to help each other grow and evolve in business. Their whole idea is that all ships rise in when the tide comes in, and I agree with their philosophy so much.

I wrote an article about how to optimize your images for SEO and now have it not only on their blog but one of the small handful of articles in their monthly guide on small business SEO!

If you don’t know the Rising Tide Society, go check out their blog and in the month of April 2019, you can download their SEO guide and learn all about optimizing your images so Google likes them better. A happy Google equals better rankings and we know we all love that!

If you want to read my article, it’s all published on my blog and can be found here :

How to Optimize your Website Images for SEO

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