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Two weekends ago I participated in an awesome photography workshop called OSPwest. OSP is opensourcephoto.net which is an awesome professional photography forum that I am part of, and every year each region puts together a workshop of sorts where we all get together and talk shop all weekend. This year OSPwest was scheduled in Seattle, which was awesome since that meant my travel was practically ziltch!  The greatest thing about OSPwest is that it is put on by members for members and the amount of time that people invested to make it rock was amazing.
The weekend included talks by the likes of Gene Higa , Kiss Wedding Books and Jim Garner. All companies that do amazing things for the wedding industry. We also put on shoots where 2o photographers go out and photograph the same models and give tips on style and technique. Many people looked at us weird on the streets because we looked like this:



in the middle of downtown Seattle! One woman actually asked if this bride had hired that many photographers ! So funny.

I did three shoots. The bridal shoot with the model Britany, then an engagement shoot with Jessica and Ben, and a night shoot with Stacy.  All the models were great sports! Thanks a bunch for letting us shoot you all day!!

Here are some of my faves


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  1. outrageous! I love these pieces. Eve

  2. outrageous! I love these pieces. Eve

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