Open House at the Artist’s Loft at Hotel Max

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There is a super cool, little known event space in downtown Seattle called the Artist Loft. It’s the top floor of a super old school parking garage attached to, and ran by Hotel Max on 7th and Stewart.

Imagine heading into the super cool and trendy downtown hotel, ask them to point you to the Artist Loft, and then you are lead out to their parking garage, they call the full car size freight elevator, and you start wondering what is going on. You hop on the freight elevator that has the marks of car tires rolling in and out for the past 100 years on the floor. This garage is so old school they don’t have ramps, but instead parked cars by going up in the freight elevator.

 You get let out in a big expansive open space that still looks like a car garage, but with vaulted ceilings , windows all along the side and great light streaming through the skylights above.

It’s completely random, and such a neat hidden spot which is where the Ravishing Radish tasting and open house was last week. I showcased my business along with Ravishing Radish catering, the talented duo at Bamboo Beats (dj), Kara, chef of  delectable goodies from the Sweetside (baker) and sweet vintage furniture and settings from a fave, Beckie from Vintage Ambiance.

It was a fun night of fun atmosphere, tasty morsels of food, good beats and yummy cake. I photographed it to show just what it was like.

If you like the space, contact the folk at Hotel Max. They do weddings, parties and corporate events there. It’s a crazy fun and different space if you are looking for something just a bit different! 

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