Newborn Anna and family | Seattle, WA

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I’ve been lucky to watch this awesome family grow. I met Leslie and Carl when their son, Alex, was just a cute little 3 month old. All about smiling and trying to figure out what us adults were doing. Then I saw Alex again last Christmas when he was doing what I refer to as the “baby drunk walk”. You know, when the baby is just learning how to walk and it looks like a drunken stumble. They aim a certain direction, and hope that their feet follow…
Well, this time,  I came around to help introduce their newest little one, baby Anna. She was just 2 weeks old and ADORABLE when I saw her last week, and little Alex is fitting well into the big brother status. It was fun watching him run around, play tackle with Carl and talk all about watching football. That boy lights up when football is mentioned!

Little Anna was so precious in Leslie and Carl’s arms. I absolutely love newborns… which is good seeing I’ll be having one of my own here in a couple months. There is something so precious about every little aspect of them. From their curious looks, to their wrinkles, their solid little grip if you give them your finger to hold on to. It’s a beautiful thing! And Leslie and Carl have a beautiful one on their hands! I can’t wait to see her grow up just like Alex!

Thank you for inviting me to watch your precious family grow!!!



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