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At the beginning of February, I took an unexpected trip to Arizona to spend time with my best friend.

There was a family tragedy and I found it important to rush down there as soon as humanly possible to be there with her. There are not a lot of people who I would drop EVERYTHING for and fly across the country, but this girl is definitely one of them.

I think its powerful to have friendships like that.

Friendships that last through years of not seeing each other, but the second we are in the same room, it’s like we’ve never been apart.

Friendships that you know that that person will be there when you need. When the world is falling down around you, you know that there is at the very least one person who will be there with you to watch it crumble… and to help you rebuild.

That is Shelley. We’ve been through it all, and have survived living across the country from each other for 12 years, and we are still just that close.

Shelley has two awesome kids that I am lucky enough to call my god children, and it is sad how much is missed when you see them only every two years. Two years to a 5 and 7 year old is a long long time. So, for that reason also I was happy to be able to make my impromptu visit.

Here is a selection of shots from my visit. Sadly… the only photo of me and Shelley is from me trying to take one, which doesn’t work so well with 2.5lb cameras, but whatever 😛

Shelley always laughs at me, as whenever I come down, I want to see all my old spots. Like my old house, and our elementary school that was down the street and we spent way to much time procrastinating in…

This is our old house. I was sad to see that the new owners had taken out a cactus that I had fallen in when I was 8ish and still had my shape indented into its growth 6 years later when we moved. I was hoping to see what it looked like 12 years later than that… but no dice.

Ahh good old Donaldson Elelmentary. I know the Washington people are wondering what that “Rodeo Break” nonsense is. Yes, in Arizona, you get two days off of school just because the rodeo is in town. Love it…. Also, love the “Burger King” night. What is that???

My beautiful god daughter Raven. 5 going on 16 and a girl who likes to dress up and then work in the mud. She’s gonna be fun to watch grow up.My awesome, yet shy, godson that is crazy smart. I love it when kids love to read books and learn just cuz… Let’s hope the school system doesn’t tear that joy from his heart…

Lucas, who is our friend Tina’s kid. Practically family too 🙂

I remember playing in the desert… they are trying to make a volcano here… but after the third trip inside for water, they gave up on having a running volcano..

If I had to explain Raven and Daymian’s personalities… this picture sums it up.

Not the best picture of me, but with a 5 year old, they are willing to stop for ONE photo and one photo alone… So you all get to look at my neck hahahaha.

It’s hard to be the littlest in the pack… especially if you are running after Raven the whole time. But little Gavin never gave up. He’s also awesome!
Okay, notice the mouthful and handful of vanila waffers. This guy cares about his cookies and his playing…

As soon as Daymian went down, Raven was rushing to his help.

And she was super into seeing his battle wounds 😛

Tina and Lucas

Shelley and Adam

She’s probably going to yell at me for putting this picture up, but I love this unguarded moment. (So don’t even ask Shelley… it’s staying up)

I wanted a group photo of me, Tina, Shelley and Adam at the end of the weekend. While I was taking a couple test shots and setting my camera’s time on, Shelley was placeholding for me and Tina was… being Tina…

I miss my Tucson people….

More Tuscon posts to come

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  1. says:

    The action shots with the kids are great, but the story you tell is what puts it all together! And the one picture with Shelley being ‘unguarded’- those pics are what it’s all about. Nice job Becca.

  2. says:

    The action shots with the kids are great, but the story you tell is what puts it all together! And the one picture with Shelley being ‘unguarded’- those pics are what it’s all about. Nice job Becca.

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