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Professional head shots are something that many seem to pass on these days. People find that their last iPhone snapshot will work, crop out distractions (aka the people in the photo with you) and upload thinking you are all good. I am always sad when I see that.
I am a firm believer that that is a fad that will end as people realize that having a professional appearance online is just as important (or more important) than the strength of your handshake at networking meetings.

With everyone vetted online theses days before you ever come face to face, people want to see that you are a professional and know how to put your best foot forward, and not your slightly tipsy face in bad bar lighting with your buddies shoulder cropped out of the side of the image.

That’s why I love creating a fun atmosphere for creative and professional head shots that can show your personality along with showing your professionalism.

Professional head shots don’t have to mean stiff standing poses with a neutral partial smile on a white or grey background. They can be professional and (dare I say it?) approachable!

Lindsey and I met up at Magnuson Park for her updated head shots. We roamed some of the early century abandoned buildings (outsides of course) for good light and fun architecture, avidly avoiding the buildings with asbestos warnings (um what!?!?) and created beautiful and relaxed images of her that she could use anywhere from Linked In to her companies website, Facebook
or even a dating profile,if she wanted.

Thanks for a fun afternoon in the sunshine Lindsey!

Professional Headshots in an outdoor environment by Seattle photographer Rebecca EllisonPersonalized professional headshots by Seattle portrait photographer Rebecca EllisonOutdoor portraits and professional headshots by Rebecca Ellison Photography

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