how to turn your website into a sales machine
How to Turn Your Website into a Sales Machine

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How to turn your website into a sales machine that actually converts viewers to bookers.

how to turn your website into a sales machine

I look at a LOT of websites. I mean, let’s be real, we all do right?

But do you pay attention to how you feel when you are on someone’s website? Likely you don’t… consciously at least.

How you feel while you are looking at these websites are determining if you keep looking around, and eventually purchase. Or if you get lost, confused or bored and move on.

We all do it… but most likely aren’t aware how much the website info is guiding those feelings. And how those feelings decide if we move forward…or lose trust.

The goal of your website is to be a sales funnel.

But is your website funneling people to your goal of booking?

Or is it acting like a colander? Imagine, your potential clients like water pouring into the funnel that is your website. Then, all the gaps in your funnel letting these potential clients pour out the side before ever getting to the goal?

And how much is that affecting your bottom line?
The answer is potentially a lot 🥺.

You see, as a business coach, a lot of the conversations I have with my clients is about how to help them grow their business.

One of the very first places I go is to their website. 

And usually there are a ton of gaps, letting their potential clients just slide right out the side.

In turn, they leave before they get to the goal.

This problem is EVERYWHERE. Especially in service based businesses where you as the business owner are doing all the things.

You know how to do your craft like a boss… but the rest of the business stuff has been kinda thrown together without as much thought to strategy.

This is why I created the Website Self Audit Mini Course.

To help you fill those gaps.

If you know your website could be converting better, this mini course is for you.

If you want to know how it’s attracting and guiding your potential clients to actually inquire or book you, or where those gaps are.

And how to fill the gaps, to build your website as the sales funnel it’s meant to be.

Take this course if you are wondering if your website is currently failing you. As your likely don’t need a re-brand that will cause you thousands… you just need to know how to create a sales machine out of your website.

And it’s only $67 and will take you less than 2 hours time!

After taking this mini course you will get a website that:

  • actually converts lookers to bookers.
  • acts as a sales team member increasing conversions.
  • guides viewers along the path you’ve set to answer their questions, become familiar with you, want your offers and finally inquire or buy.

This course includes:

  • A video lesson walking you through the psychology of your website.
  • A workbook to see what your website currently is telling your audience, and what to change for YOUR audience’s needs, as well as a game plan to make those changes
  • Templates of what your website pages should convey and why based on the psychology of sales
  • Case study to show you how my website is setup and why I share what I share where, so that it guides people from lookers to bookers.
  • Complete it all in less than 2 hours and pay less than you would for a nice lunch out.

So that you can update your website, attract and guide your potential clients to hiring you.

Without having to invest 4 figures in a re-brand that will change your graphics and look but will still have the same gaps you have today… unless you figure out how to close them.

Don’t miss out! During launch week of March 23rd through March 26, 2021, when you sign up for the Website Self Audit Mini Course for $67, you get a bonus of my DIY Brand Photography Prep Plan worth $27 for free.

In the end your now know how to make your website into a sales machine, you’ll also know what to do to create on brand photos to replace your tired, old or stock photos!

Grab the mini course with this bonus today!

Bonus is only available through March 26,2021

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