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Well, he’s a pretty awesome musician at the very least. Back near the beginning of the year (I know, it’s rediculous how behind I am on blogging!) I photographed musician Caleb Ingraham for a cd he was putting together. Now Caleb is a pretty talented guy… and I am not saying that just because he’s my brother. It should be said that he must be pretty darn good if I am shouting to the world about how awesome he is… I mean, really, there were years of him sitting on me so that he could get access to the remote and have control over the tv! So, even though I am scarred in that way 😛 I am still willing to talk about his skilzzzzz.

He goes the acoustic route so it’s just his voice and hands plugging away on the strings that keeps you nodding your head along with the beat. His style is something similar to Jack Johnson and Ray LaMontagne  with his own Caleb flair. All the music on his cd is written by him, and good to boot!

You can tell I like his music as his songs is the opening song playing when you check out my website. I have a distinct love of that song as he wrote it for and sang it at my wedding. Most of my family is musically talented. They pretty much all have these amazing voices or amazing musical talents, but me 🙁  I must have been adopted when it comes to that catagory as I make banshees cringe when I sing.

To prove my case, my hubby Pete had Chinese food for lunch today, and when he read his fortune cookie, he laughed and said he must have to make me sing to make it work. Confused I read the fortune and it said ” you will have an entertaining musical experience soon.”

I’d be offended… but he’s right 😛

All I have to say is that at least I walked away with the mad photo taking skillz cuz I’d be lost creatively without them!

Anyhoooooo…. here is the amazing Caleb Ingraham in all his awesomeness 🙂


RE_100103_1709…what you thought there wouldn’t be detail shots? nonsense! There are always detail shots!




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