what to wear for professional headshots in seattle
What to Wear for your Professional Headshots

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You’ve scheduled your professional headshots and you don’t know what to wear?

You’ve realized that headshot from 5 years ago is dated, and doesn’t even look like you anymore.

But what should you wear to ensure you are going to love these photos for the next couple of years?

Here are my 5 tips for what to wear for your new headshots or business portraits

1 – Avoid trends.

The fastest way to date an image is by wearing something that will distinctly place you in a specific year. Unless you want to update your photos yearly, pick an outfit that stays a bit more classic. Or at least pick something more to your consistent style.

 For my professional headshots, I chose the blue blouse because it helps make the blue in my eyes stand out more.  For my professional headshots, I chose the blue blouse because it helps make the blue in my eyes stand out more.

2- Choose a color that highlights your eyes

Choose a color that makes your eyes stand out. Most headshots are going to be from shoulders to head, so you don’t have a ton of the outfit in the image. Your face is the most important part of the image, but use the color of your top to help make your eyes more engaging.

If people notice your eyes first, then they feel more engaged and trusting. There is a reason the term “eyes are the window to the soul” was coined.

Another way for ladies to bring attention to their eyes is mascara and subtle eyeliner. Mascara and eyeliner add contrast which helps catch the viewers eye in a great way!

3- Choose attire that fits your frame well.

This is where you can get input from a wardrobe specialist. Find out what shape your body is, and how to wear attire that highlights the good and diminishes what you don’t love.

Usually, it’s best to avoid clothing that is both too tight and too loose. The tight items will show every curve good or bad, and the too loose items will add weight to your frame.

Blazers and jackets tend to be great layering pieces that help shape you and give style. This is why they are so popular in business portraits.

Always stay authentic to your style, though as you want to be able to recognize yourself in the photos. You also want people to be able to recognize you from your photo when you are meeting for the first time. If you’d never wear a blazer in real life, then definitely pass on it for your photos too!

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4- Go for solid colors or subtle patterns

The last thing you want is for your outfit to grab attention first. Your attire should complement, not be it’s own statement piece (unless that is your brand). Stick to solid colors, or subtle patterns.

Avoid any logos and company branding unless it’s your companies brand.

5- Iron / steam  your outfit before your shoot

Wrinkles are the fastest way to look disheveled in a photo, so it’s best to avoid fabrics prone to wrinkling. If your outfit is prone to wrinkling, don’t put it on until right before you are walking in front of the camera. Keep your clothes looking as fresh as possible so you look your most presented.

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