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From The Brand Up – Is It Right For You?

I help service businesses build your personal brand,  and grow your business through marketing, content and messaging.

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Having a solid brand foundation and strategy is key to using attraction marketing in your business.

But the whole idea of building a brand is confusing AF to most service-based businesses.

To be fair, I didn’t get it either. I spent over 10 years struggling with the feast and famine that was booking in my business before I put the effort forward to building my brand.

​Once I did, it changed my business completely. I had my first 6 figure year, and I’ve continued to grow since then.​

Past figuring out your colors and the design of your website, most small businesses don’t think at all about their brand, and it shows in their lack of sales.

This doesn’t have to be your reality.

From the Brand Up is a group coaching program for service based businesses to build your brand and attract clients on autopilot. Doors are open till 10/5.

So, come and check out what From the Brand Up is all about and if it’s the right thing for you. If you still have questions after you’ve read the details, then send me a message on instagram @rebeccaellisoncreative. I’ll happily chat to see if you are the right fit.

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