woman working at a laptop with text overlay are headshots important for creative professionals
Are Headshots Important for Creative Professionals?

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woman working at a laptop with text overlay are headshots important for creative professionals


Do you think that headshots are important if you are a creative professional?

The answer is a resounding yes!

The great thing is that your headshot doesn’t have to be the classic, white backdrop headshot seen normally.

Your headshots as a creative professional can be just as fun and creative as you are!

Many creatives find that having something that shows your craft in the image is preferred. That is a great idea!

Having a professional headshot in your business is even more important as a creative professional, than if you are a corporate job because it shows who you are as the biz owner.

When people work with creatives, they are buying into your vision of how you see the world. It’s your creativity they connect to, no matter if you are a jeweler, florist or graphic designer. An image of you to connect with your prospective client or customer is important.

Clients want to connect with you.
They want to know who is behind the craft and what drives you to be the creative you are.

Having a quick selfie, or not showing your face in your business is a huge disservice to your brand.

Here are some fun and creative headshots that I’ve done for creative professionals. They border on branding photos, and that is ok! It’s perfect to let people in and see who you are!

What sets you apart from all the others is you. Your unique talent is what will help folks look past that price tag and trust you to do your craft! So, get in front of that camera and show people who are you are !

Service providers are another set of business owners that it’s super important to show your face before someone is to hire you.

If you are going to hire a handyman, aren’t you going to want to know who is going to be showing up to your house and working in your space? I know I would.

So, to answer your question, yes. Headshots are just as important, if not more so for us creative professionals!


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 Are headshots needed if you are a creative professional? Learn why you need to have professional headshots even if you are in the creative field

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