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7 tips for taking better pictures of your children!

little girl holds mom's handShare the love. That’s my motto. Photography comes easy to me… or at least it’s natural for me after practicing it day in and day out for the past 10 years or so. But I know that what is natural to me isn’t necessarily super obvious to others.While I would LOVE it if every time you wanted to have some fun pictures, you called me up and had me come out and capture your budding family for you, I realize that isn’t the most realistic of hopes and dreams!! Especially in this economy.

So to pay it forward I put together this little nugget of info about 7 EASY tips to taking better pictures of your children. Most people have cameras these days, and for those day to day moments where you would love to have good pictures of your little rascal running around, or your brand new baby trying so hard to shove his toes into his mouth (man what I would do for that flexibility!!), check out these simple tips.




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