What Really Makes a Brand Anyway?

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You may be wondering, what really makes a brand anyway? 

I used to hear the word brand and just think of Coca-Cola, Old Navy or J Crew. Those huge companies that have all the money and all the manpower to throw at marketing to get into our heads and make us want their product.

And, all of that is true, but for the longest time I didn’t realize that big or small, any company could create their own brand. 

You don’t have to have a huge marketing budget, you just have to be specific about what you put out in the world!

But what really makes a brand you ask? I think it’s  a mixture of quite a few things starting with how you communicate to your clients.

Communication creates your client experience.

Your client experience creates your reputation.

Your reputation creates demand.

Demand creates a booming business.

And all of these things together create the brand.

And that doesn’t even cover the visual aspects that you use to convey that brand to your customer! But if you stay consistant with your message and your communication and client touch points, then you’ve created the start to your brand.

No matter if you are a one-woman shop or a shop of a handful or thousands,  if you purposely focus on all these points, you will create a brand, and with that brand, you will stand out from the sea of other businesses like you.

When starting out you want to think about what your message will be to the clients. What is the underlying feeling you want to come across?

If you start with that message and the feeling you want your clients to have, you’ve taken that first step!

Until next time!

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