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Here are resources to learn how to create the photos you need to build your online business.

From brand photos, to planning a brand photoshoot and how to finally create product photos that get buyers to buy.

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Interested in Learning How to Create Your Own Photos?

Our signature course for teaching how to create engaging and on brand photos using your smartphone. Learn how to create photos that match your messaging to create a constant and lasting impact and build your authority in your space...


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Launches again summer of 2021

Facebook Ads Photo Guide

The photo you use in your Facebook ad is instrumental to the success of your ads attention grabbing abilities

Finally learn what types of photos to use for compelling and converting ads.

 Learn what types of photos work best and why it works allowing you to choose what type of ad to create for your own business.

See pages of examples of converting ads from successful personal brands and online service based businesses to inspire your own ads.

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Strategically prep for your brand photoshoot.

Before your book a photographer, you want to make sure you've planned out the right strategic photos for your brand photoshoot.

This mini course walks you through the exact process I bring my branding photo clients through so that we create the right, strategic photos for your brand.

Don't rely on the photographer to know what photos will benifit your brand. Use this mini course to learn exactly what YOU need so that you can tell your photographer what to create.

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The Personal Brand Photoshoot Prep Plan

The DIY Branding Photoshoot Prep Plan 

Are you in need of DIYing photos for your social media or website, but don't know where to start?

 This DIY branding photoshoot prep plan takes you step by step from plan to execution of your own photoshoot. 

So that you know what photos to create, what gear to use in addition to your smartphone, how to prep your attire, props and location and  then edit your final photos.

So you can confidently know you've created brand photos that will attract your dream clients! All in a 14 page ebook.

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Product Photography Guide  For Makers

Learn how to take your product photos from amateur to eye-catching.

Finally showcase your product in a way that grabs attention. Drawing people in  to take a closer look and click "add to cart." 

This 33 page guide teaches you the difference between selling and artistic photos, and when to use each. Learn what camera you should use, where to shoot in your home, how to create on brand backdrops and how to pick the best angle for your products.

You'll learn how to light your product as well as how to shoot for your Etsy listing!  With a bonus photoshoot checklist so that you don't ever forget an important step! 

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Photo Composition and Styling Guide

Learn how to take your photos to the next level by learning the details of compelling composition

Image composition a has the greatest impact in grabbing the viewers attention.

 Styling helps your photo to tell a story and build an emotional draw to purchase your product.  In this guide you learn the secrets to compelling composition and styling that will drive sales.

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 Stock Photo Collections

When you need a specific photo you can't create yourself.

I'm a big proponent of creating your own photos, but at times you need a type of photo you don't have access to, and this is where stock photos can be useful. 

Peruse my stock collections where you can buy a la carte, or stock photo packages.

Themes include places/ locations, wedding, styled flatlays, home/ lifestyle, food and beverage as well as abstract. Priced at $10 an image with licensing.

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