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A wedding is a crazy fun and emotion packed day. You spend hours and hours planning it, making sure it is exactly as you want it to be, then day comes and passes in a blur. Your memories turn from clear recollections of each moment, to a couple main highlights and, as the years pass, just an overall feeling of the day. This is why I photograph weddings focusing on storytelling and capturing all the details, so when the years pass, you can look back on your wedding album and relive it as if it was yesterday.

My clients are regular folk, who likely haven’t  worked with a professional photographer in years, if ever (think your high school photos). I help you relax and have fun. Get you  comfortable with me and the camera, so we show you being you… in the best light possible.

These are the moments to treasure and invest in your memories.


Having kids is a very fulfilling experience, but it is not an experience where you can predict how your kids will react on a day to day basis.  While you can hope that your kiddos will be on their best behavior when you schedule a family portrait session, or that your newborn will be that perfect little sleeping beauty, you never know!

Most sessions when working with children are a bit hectic and crazy to your eye, but rest assured, but it is the in between moments of craziness that the true personalities of your family come out.

For newborn sessions, time is taken to create the cuddly sleepy photos, with as many breaks for feeding and settling as your baby needs. For family sessions, come to your session and expect to have a good time, letting the kiddos be themselves and through the chaos we will get honest laughter, quirky smiles and a glimpse into your family as you truly are.