Don't let poor product photos lose you sales. 

As a maker, you need people to buy what you are creating, and in 2019, you are probably doing most your sales online, which is an easily distracted place for the consumer.

 If you want your product to sell, then your photo not only needs to grab their attention, but it needs to be accurate to what the product actually looks like. No crazy filters or "artistic" angles that don't accurately show what will show up in the mail after they bought. We make sure the product entices while stays accurate to what it is!

 dynamic photos sell your products.

If You Want Your Product to Sell,
 Your Images Must Entice.

We create a strategic plan of how to showcase your product beautifully and create the imagery that not only sells your product  but also represents your brand!

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Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

inquire we'll hop on a phone call  about your brand, target market and goal for your photos.

You send in your products and I'll photograph them with the styling we discussed. 

You'll receive 1-2 final high resolution images per product photographed.

Share your new product photos and watch your sales come in!

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beautiful photos sell products

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"Working with Becca was incredibly refreshing!"

- Sholdt Jewelry

"If you are looking for a way to improve your brand, create awesome social media content, or show off your business, Becca is your person!"

- Espresso Elegance

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"Having branded images helped raise the level of professionalism immensely on both my website and social media. Plus, it's so nice to not have to struggle with finding images for my Instagram and FB posts!"

- Wedding Incubator

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