take your product photos from amateur to eye-catching.
Finally showcase your product in a way that entices and gets people to buy.

Increase sales with photos that sell.

Product Photography for Makers Guide

Are you losing sales in your online shop because  your photos suck?



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"Wow! This guide is so comprehensive and thorough. I've gotten so many ideas on ways to style my products and things to troubleshoot if my images aren't coming out like I want them to. I struggle with getting the lighting right for my Etsy product photos, and Becca's in depth guide with examples of good and bad lighting and what to do to fix it has been so helpful in correcting what I'm doing wrong and increasing the quality of my photos. Thank you Becca!"
- LAUREN K. of Creative Mom Boss

Your Products Sales Will Increase
 with High Quality Photos

So, you decided to open up your Etsy or Shopify store, excited to be building a business to call your own.

The products you make always get rave reviews from the people who see them in person, but you find that selling the items online is harder than you expected. Sales trickle in, but not as many as you would like.

The ingredient that you've been missing up until now is great selling photos.

When selling online, the quality of the photo you use to represent your product has a direct relationship to the perception of the value of your product.

The great thing is that you can create high quality, consistent photos of your products, by learning what is in this comprehensive guide. 

What would normally be sold for $57, I am selling today for only $27.

The ability to know how to create photos that will help build sales is a skill no maker can overlook.

Use this time that business is slow to refine your images and build your store front so that when business ramps back up again, your shop page will be more enticing than ever!

Good product photos leads to higher sales.

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"Your e-book has made a real difference to my Etsy photos by giving me greater confidence & ideas.
I found the bonus list and photo shoot checklists especially useful too! Thank you."
-Julie E

Added bonus video

video photography lesson worth $67 included free

reserved just for you!

Having it written out is good and all, but sometimes being lead through the process via video can be even more helpful.

So I've added this 20 minute video lesson completely free with this ebook purchase! 

Yes! Give me the bonus too!

Product Photography for Makers Guide

without the need of hiring a photographer or leaving your house!

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I've spent the past 15 years helping tell stories through imagery. 

With a background in commercial photography, and working with some of the leading retail and e-commerce sites in the country, I know a lot about what makes an image sell.

I work with business and brands of all sizes in creation of brand and product photography. 

I love to teach small businesses how to create images that sell their products. In the online space, if you don't have an image that grabs attention AND shows the important aspect of your item, your sales will suffer.

But investing in quality imagery that is professional and eye catching can quickly transform a struggling store into a store with growing sales.

I'm also a marketing obsessed, lover of Oreos and all things warm, mom of two and a busy business owner.

I've spent 15 years studying people and how they interact. I watch so that I can understand what makes people buy from one company over another and I use photographs to help convey why to buy from you and not the clone two tabs over.

Becca Ellison

Photographer + educator at
Rebecca Ellison Creative

Hey there, I'm Becca.

Finally understand how to create images that will SELL your products.

In the Product Photography for Makers Guide, you will learn:

selling photos vs artistic photos

What camera should you use and where can you shoot in your space?

What background you should usE (and what type of background is hard to use)

How to light your products?

You will learn what the difference between an artistic photo and a selling photo is. Where to use each and how it affects your sales.

Two of the most popular questions I hear: What camera should I use, and where can I take photos, when I work out of my house? We go over the best practices so you can get started today.

Creating consistent images help create a cohesive brand. Choosing the right background, and knowing how to create a background if you don't have a good option in your home/space.

There is beautiful light around you all the time.  In this guide, you will learn how to use the light available naturally as well as how to create your own light (on a budget) if you find yourself needing to shoot after sunset. (like once those kids go to bed!)

So are you ready to finally have an online shop that has steady sales and a growing business?

Product Photography for Makers 

without the need of hiring a photographer or leaving your house!

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