Prep and Plan your Own Brand Photoshoot 

so that your DIY brand photos look like they are professional

The DIY branding photoshoot prep plan is a step by step guide showing you how to prepare and create on brand photos with your smartphone.

🎉Plan your shots
🎉Prep Your Gear
🎉Wardrobe Tips
🎉Prop Planning
🎉Location Prep
🎉Step by Step Plan
🎉 and Editing Tips

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When you use the DIY branding photoshoot prep plan, you'll know step by step what to prep and plan to create on brand photos of yourself. All with your smartphone!

Start posting these photos, and watch the compliments start rolling in. Pair the photos with great content that helps your audience, and it's the perfect combination for engagement and growth.

When you are confident in your photos, you'll be excited to post, which will help you show up consistently and market your business with pride.

High quality images leads to higher perception of value

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I've spent the past 15 years helping tell stories through imagery. 

With a background in commercial photography, and working with some of the leading retail and e-commerce sites in the country, I know a lot about what makes an image sell.

I work with business and brands of all sizes in creation of brand and product photography. 

I love to teach small businesses how to create images that sell their products. In the online space, if you don't have an image that grabs attention AND shows the important aspect of your item, your sales will suffer.

But investing in quality imagery that is professional and eye catching can quickly transform a struggling store into a store with growing sales.

I'm also a marketing obsessed, lover of Oreos and all things warm, mom of two and a busy business owner.

I've spent 15 years studying people and how they interact. I watch so that I can understand what makes people buy from one company over another and I use photographs to help convey why to buy from you and not the clone two tabs over.

Becca Ellison

Business coach and brand photographer
Rebecca Ellison Creative

Hey there, I'm Becca.

Show up confidently and market your business with pride.

DIY Branding Photoshoot Prep Plan

create DIY photos that make it look like you hired a professional

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