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In this challenge you will finally see the images on your website as your ideal clients do.
And you'll walk away with a plan on how to get the right images to attract the right people.
All in 10 minutes a day for 5 days.

The Brand Worthy Imagery Challenge

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Are the images on your website helping or hurting your business?

Did you know that your images are a major component that attracts or repels clients from your website?

→ It seems like everywhere you look, others with a similar business model are killing it, but your inbox sits empty.
→ You know you get traffic to your website, but that traffic rarely converts
→ You feel like you are spinning your wheels with nothing to show for it

If you are frustrated & overwhelmed

& you don't know if the images on your website are helping or hurting you, or you've never thought about it before...

Then you should join the free  


just what is the 

 Brand Worthy Imagery Challenge

This is a FREE 5 day video challenge hosted by me, Becca Ellison

We will go through the most impactful images on your website and make sure they are :
- attracting the right clientele
- and repelling those clients you don't want
- helping convey the story of what your business is about and why they should spend their money with YOU! 

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 The images we use in our businesses are so critical to connecting with our audience and attracting those wonderful people who want to work with us.

Are your images repelling your ideal client and you don't even know it?

Find out in this challenge!

Hey there I'm Becca. It's nice to meet you!

Helping you understand how important our visual stories are is my love language. How we convey a visual story and values to your clients in the quickest way possible helps elevate your brand and your business.

Because with only 5 seconds to grab a viewers attention and get them interested online, the images you show are critical to getting them to take the next step.

I'm a marketing obsessed, lover of Oreos and all things warm, mom of two and a busy business owner.

I've spent 14 years studying people and how they interact. I watch so that I can understand what makes people buy from one company over another and I use photographs to help convey why to buy from you and not the clone down the street.

Becca Ellison

Photographer + educator 
Rebecca Ellison Creative

And, just who am I? 

The Brand Worthy Imagery Challenge

Challenge starts
Monday December 16th at 11am pst


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Your website images tell your ideal client if they are in the right place.
Don't let the wrong images be turning away the right people.

You have an online business and are ready to grow

You're tired of price being the only factor people care about.

You know your website doesn't convert but you don't know why.

what you can expect

This is free 5 day challenge.

You sign up with your email address below and you'll gain access to our private Facebook challenge group.

During the challenge we will go review the most impactful images on your website and see if the images fit within your brand, and are attracting or repelling the clients you want work with.

Day 1 - We research images that you aspire to have your brand like
Day 2- Review your Homepage images
Day 3- Review your About Me page images
Day 4- Review your Instagram profile + images
Day 5- Create a plan of action to replace the images with strategic images that will attract your ideal client!

I will be in the Facebook group LIVE and you'll get your workbook via email that morning. Each day will have about 10-15 minutes of homework max!


Enough said, I’m interested!

Sholdt has been a family owned business in Seattle since 1935 and she really made me realize how important it was for my  website to tell a story. With these images we created a way for me to help show the beautiful jewelry and how it's made! 

This was so much more than I expected. I needed photos that convey my long-term commitment to help food addicts. I've been wracking my brain for a long time on how to do this through photos. Rebecca accomplished this spectacularly. Now, people can know who I am quickly by browsing through my website. Her intuition about creating a strong brand through photography is really unique and superb.

 Her eye turned our most mundane tasks into something worthy of pictures - and will be an essential part of our new ad campaign. Great experience from start to finish 

Sholdt Jewelry Design

Dr Joan Ifland

Stollwerck Plumbing

Becca patiently walked me through the whole process all while sending positive vibes and encouragement to be myself and not be afraid to show my (loud) personality. She even went through my website, current ads and online profiles to see how I was using my old images and how I could benefit from new ones! 

Barbie Hull Photography

Once I added professional photos to my business, I immediately saw my website conversions and my Youtube thumbnail click throughs increase.

Anyone can throw up a website with stock photos or selfies in an hour. If you want to be taken seriously, this is one of the best investments you can make in your business.

Five minute social media

My daily life is far from glamorous, but I love that, with brand [worthy] photos, I can show a sneak peek into how I create party plans for my clients and then what it looks like to help bring a party to life. 

Allison Carter Celebrates

How brand worthy images have changed these businesses:

“This sounds great, but I’ve got questions!”

Keep reading, We’ve got answers!

Sign up for the FREE challenge below.

In this challenge you will finally see the images on your website as your ideal clients do.
And you'll walk away with a plan on how to get the right images to attract the right people.
All in 10 minutes a day for 5 days.

The Brand Worthy Imagery Challenge

Join below.
Challenge starts
Monday December 16th at 11am pst do we access the challenge?

When you sign up, you'll receive the emails to with all details about the challenge. You will get an email each morning for the following 5 days with a free download PDF for your challenge homework.

02. Will there be replays?

The videos will be available to watch via the link in the email as often as you need them.

03. How long will this challenge take me

The videos are about 10 minutes long

 Day 1 will take about 30 minutes for the homework, and day 2-5 will take less than 15 minutes each in review time on your website.

04. Will we be creating images during this challenge?

No. This is not an image creation challenge. It's an image review challenge. 

Meaning we will use this time to learn how to look at the images you are using in your business and if they are in touch with the brand you are creating. Then we come up with a plan on how you can get those images either by creating or hiring a photographer at the end. But you will not be creating any images during this challenge.