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Build your business and Attract your ideal clients through brand photos

 create engaging and on brand photos that match your messaging to make a lasting impact and build your authority in your space... All with your smartphone.

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{the brand photography system} was formally known as:

This course teaches you how to create consistent and cohesive brand photos with your smartphone.  Allowing you to attract clients who get who you are, what you have to offer and are excited to work with you! 

I've spent 15 years studying people and how they interact.

I watch so that I can understand what makes people buy from one company over another.

I've taken a winding path to where I am. Each experience helping me understand what people connect with. And how I can share my knowledge and passion to help others grow in business as well.

I'm a brand photographer and visual strategist helping online coaches build your personal brand through photography and marketing.

I'M Becca

brand photographer +
 image strategist

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