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Who doesn’t love a trivia game?

So you know about Get Hitched Give Hope right?

If you follow my blog at all, you’ll have seen me post about this fabulous party and charity auction over the years.

If you don’t, here’s the lowdown:

 Get Hitched Give Hope is a swanky bridal show and auction to help raise money for the Dream Foundation. The Dream Foundation grants wishes for people who have terminal illnesses. They grant one wish to make the rest of their time here on this earth better; be it a camera, a puppy, a vacation, a washer and dryer. Whatever they want.

So what we do is gather Seattle’s primo wedding vendors, get them to donate AMAZING goods  and services to our auction and our lovely brides come to the event to have a swanky fabulous time, while getting AMAZING deals on things they need for their wedding, and they get to walk away knowing that their purchase helped someone in need.

Great deals for you, and a meaningful lasting gift to a family who is going through a terrible time. You really can’t get any better than that can you?

So what is the trivia game all about you ask?

Great question!

This year is Get Hitched Give Hope’s 5 year anniversary (um what!!!!! so exciting!!!!!)

This year we have an amazing goal of 100,000 to raise. Yep you read that right. That is six digits!!

This year we have an amazing and fun theme!

That theme is………………………………………

going to unveiled via our fun and funky trivia game!

Thought I was gonna spill the beans didn’t you?

Nope, it’s too good to be just dropped like that…

So we are dropping pieces of it. Clue’s if you dare. 🙂

Starting Friday June 1st – we will ask you a question. (every Monday, Wednesday & Friday… on Facebook so get on over and LIKE us to make sure you don’t miss out!)

The first person to get the correct answer (without cheating… that’s right – no googling the answer!) will unlock a square. Once all of the squares are unlocked… the image -our 2012 Ad in Seattle Met Bride & Groom Magazine – will come into focus and the party theme will be revealed!!

This is soooo exciting!

So make sure to Like Get Hitched Give Hope on Facebook, then check back for the clues to our fun little secret.

And while you are at it, jot down November 8th , 2012 on your calendar. You have a place to be and we have goals to blow out of the water!
Let’s bring some of these dreams to reality.


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