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What to do When you are Anxious About Being Photographed

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When I met with Victor and Melissa, they were super excited about their wedding, as we all are when planning our wedding, but they were a bit concerned about having the camera on them all day. They felt like they just never knew what to do when being photographed, and the idea of it all gave them a bit of anxiety. 

Anxiety isn’t something you want to deal with ever, so when they booked I explained that we’d definitely want to get them in front of the camera before their wedding day, as knowing what the experience will be like is the best way to remove the anxiety of the situation. And this is one of the biggest benefits to engagement sessions.

So we met at the Olympic Sculpture Park. A great Seattle location, and for these two Seattle transplants, they wanted something that spoke of the Seattle area, but not something crazy busy with tourists or people that may add to their discomfort while being photographed. OSP was the perfect location for this.

I let them know when we started that the entire goal was to show how they interact. So don’t focus on me, or the camera, but focus on each other. Snuggle, joke laugh and just enjoy each other’s presence. And I will do the rest.

My biggest tip for when you don’t know what to do when being photographed is to laugh. Awkward laughter just looks like laughter in a photo, so it’s the best go to. And laughter helps calm and relax and take you mind off any discomfort!

We started on the lawn by the auditorium and I put on my long lens to give them room to interact without me in their face. While the long lens looks daunting when you see it, it’s actually great because it lets me be pretty far from you when I capture you and it’s easier for you to “forget” I’m there, relax and just enjoy each other.

So, if you are feeling a little anxious about being photographed or don’t think that you photograph well, just take a look at these photos. Because that’s the worry that Victor and Melissa shared with me and look how relaxed and stunning they look in these photos. You’d never guess they started out feeling that way!

And when we got to the wedding day, those concerns and anxiety about being photographed had fully melted away. They knew what to expect, they’d seen images I’d created of themselves that they loved, and knew they’d love the wedding photos too. It made their wedding day just that much more relaxed, natural and fun! 

If you’d like to chat about your wedding, email me to start the conversation! 

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