Wedding Venues : Blank Slate vs Naturally Beautiful

Do you want to pick a venue that has a lot of natural beauty to it? Or would you rather have a blank slate where you can make it into anything you want?
All images ©Rebecca Ellison Photography RE_140621_0690 When you are starting to plan your wedding, usually the first thing on the slightly large todo list is to figure out your venue. Much of the time your venue selection will decide the date of the wedding itself seeing that booking depends on the venue’s availability.

Another important thing to keep in mind, and is often overlooked, is if you want a venue that is naturally beautiful and doesn’t need much done to it decor wise to make it look great, or if you want more of a blank slate that you can mold with your decor and style into just the presentation you want for your day.

Many times the venues that are blank slates come with a slightly lower price point. They can be community halls, hotel banquet rooms, empty barns etc. They start with less so you start out paying less, but you need to bring in more to give it the appearance you want, which will many times mean you are still spending that money, just in a different way than you think. You save money on the venue rental, but if you have to buy a dozen lanterns as well a pipe and drape, and lights to string, things add up quickly.

Venues that are organically beautiful can be nice, especially if you aren’t a crafty/decor type person as you don’t have to think of much of anything other than centerpieces for your wedding to be beautiful, but usually you pay a bit more for the ambiance of the venue. And many times when a venue is organically beautiful without much added decor needed, will mean there are more beautiful backdrops for your photos as well. Not always, but much of the time that speaks true.

Both  types of venues can end up absolutely beautiful, but it’s important to pay attention to more than just the cost, seeing that you may end up paying the same or more down the line in decor anyway.

Come check out a great list of Seattle Wedding Venues to help you get some great ideas for your wedding venue!

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