Wedding Themes : A Guide •
Wedding Themes : A Guide

Wedding themes : a guideDeveloping a wedding theme for your  day, even if it’s a loose one, will help give you focus and definition to your plan.

It’s often overlooked, but most have a theme even if they don’t think of it in this way. A theme doesn’t have to be bold or overwhelming, it’s just a guideline to how you are going to plan your wedding, and a great way of keeping the feel of your day cohesive.

Theme’s can take over your wedding, or can be as simple as 3-5 descriptive words that you want all aspects of your wedding to fall into.
I think that full on themed days can be a lot of fun, when done correctly. Be it a garden theme with your flowers being garden picked, the names on your tables are different types of food/flowers you can grow in a garden, and the favor being a sweet homemade spice mix to put on your favorite meat dish. Simple and beautiful

While some go bold by having, say, a full Doctor Who themed wedding, most just use their theme as a guiding point.

Here are some strategies to help you pick your wedding theme.

-Location & Date:  Choose your venue and date before you choose a theme. As depending on time of year and what your venue looks like will change whether or not one them will work over another .

– Colors  :  Look around to what is available for dresses and in fabric stores before settling on a specific color scheme. You don’t want to fall in love with a certain color just to find it’s not currently popular and it will be super hard to find bridesmaid dresses and decor with that color in it.

– Decide on 3-4 descriptive words to describe the feel. Keep it simple, and this will help when you are looking for decor or reception ideas, to keep it within your theme. If it doesn’t fall within those descriptors, maybe it’s not the perfect match.

Keep it simple – unless you are into cosplay and everyone at your wedding is going to show up in Star Wars attire etc, keep it simple. Make it so everyone knows what you are going for, but it isn’t beating them over the head with the idea.

Check in next week for some of my favorite wedding themes I’ve photographed!

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