Wedding Theme Inspiration

mydesignEnjoy this wedding theme inspiration!

Here are some of my favorite wedding themes I’ve photographed. While some subtle and some more extravagant, it made each couple’s wedding unique and memorable.

[su_heading size=”17″]Bicycle Theme Idea[/su_heading]

Ali and Dirk used old bicycles for their wedding theme inspiration. There were vintage bikes throughout the property they got married at, the cake topper had a bicycle riding bride and groom, the centerpieces were on gears, and instead of a corsage, the groom had a bicycle gear pin.

See entire post here : Vintage Bike Themed Wedding of Ali & Dirk

bicycle theme wedding inspiration

[su_heading size=”17″]Fall Colors & Pumpkins Theme Idea[/su_heading]

Justine and Peter were married in October in Seattle, so having a fall theme was a perfect fit. Using the abundance of pumpkins found in October, they lined their ceremony aisle. Inside of Serafina, the ambiance was of warm colors and dim lighting, their burgandy accents and ivory linens brought together that fall theme.

See entire post here : Fall Serafina Seattle Wedding of Justine and Peter

fall wedding theme inspiration

[su_heading size=”17″]Farm to Table Theme Idea[/su_heading]

Lauren and Tim’s backyard wedding was planned in just 6 weeks, and focused around the beautiful wooden farm table they rented, everything else developed around it. Using fresh flowers from the market, and the bench for both the dinner table and also ceremony seating and a local chef creating local delicious fare, it was a great Farm to Table theme.

See entire post here : Intimate Backyard wedding of Lauren and Tim

farm to table wedding theme inspiration


[su_heading size=”17″]Chess Inspired Theme[/su_heading]

I loved this Chess Inspired wedding, using chess pieces in the bouquets and decorations as well as cleverly in the boutonnieres. I loved how Lacey had the queen in her bouquet and Octavian had the King in his boutonniere while all the groomsmen had rooks. So clever!

See entire post here :Chess Inspired Wedding of Lacey and Octavian

chess inspired wedding theme inspiration

[su_heading size=”17″]Black and White Theme[/su_heading]

As simple as choosing black and white with a little bit of bling, this wedding spoke of beauty and elegance.

See entire post here :Black and White Garden Themed Wedding of Nicole and Paul

black and white wedding theme inspiration

[su_heading size=”17″]Vintage Picnic in the Park [/su_heading]

This wedding held in the bride’s parents yard was the perfect vintage mashup. Kailen’s mom is an antique’s dealer, so for the year before the wedding, they scouted for beautiful antique seats and other pieces to make vignettes in the yard. Add some chandeliers to the trees and pops of orange and yellow, and you have the perfect vintage picnic!

See entire post here :Vintage Picnic in the Park Themed Wedding of Kailen and Dan

vintage picnic wedding theme inspiration

What’s your weddingtheme inspiration? Leave a comment to share!


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