Wedding Reception Games with Guests | Ideas of How to Keep the Party Fun •
Wedding Reception Games with Guests | Ideas of How to Keep the Party Fun

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This month feels like the treadmill of wedding season gets turned on. Just warming up, got to get the body moving and the heart rate up so when we are at a full run come July/August/September, we are ready to go and no “injuries” occur. I love this time of year, as I’m out with my couples photographing their engagement sessions, and the weekends start seeing more and more weddings.
For those that are still in planning mode, and are thinking about the final details of how your wedding will play out, it’s a great time to start thinking about your guests and how to entertain.

Which is why this months posts are all about  your wedding guests. How to entertain? Where to seat? What favors to give? So many questions!

First we’ll start with the fun part : Games

Wedding Reception Games with Guests |:| Ideas of How to Keep the Party Fun!

wedding reception games with guests

I love when when couples bring their personality by adding games and vendors that add sparkle to their wedding, often making it very memorable for the couple as well as all their loved guests. While you can stick to the regular scheduled events, it’s fun to add in some things your guests aren’t expecting…

Some ideas for fun wedding reception games with guests are:

Outdoor Weddings:

  • Giant Jenga : Perfect for the backyard or outdoor wedding.  A super fun game for any outdoor occasion really. So while it’s an investment, it’s one that will not only mark a good time for your wedding guests, but will likely be used again and again!
  • Bocce Ball : Another perfect outdoor wedding game if you have the lawn space for it
  • Corn Hole : Can easily be customized to the wedding buy having the each couples initial on the different throwing bags. This is probably the most played of all the lawn games when I see them at weddings.

Table Games:

  • Fill in the Blank Cards : See how well your guests know you by having them fill in the cards mad lib style
  • I Spy : A fun game of getting your guests to go and photograph different things from a list at the wedding. Make sure they use your wedding hashtag so that you can see all the photos! Examples like : Wedding Cake, favorite decoration, your oldest friend at the wedding (different for every guest!), most ridiculous dance moves etc. More ideas here

Fun Vendors to Hire :

  • Photo Booth : My most favorite add on, because your guests can have a little fun and get crazy with the props, and you get all the blackmail photos! Check out more about photo booths here
  • Flip Books :  A little stop action flip book with props. You really can’t go wrong. Check out my favorite guys at Flipped Out Productions here
  • Magician : Why not bring a little mystery to your wedding day?? Magicians roam around during cocktail hour and bring laughs and shocked looks through the whole night! My favorite Seattle magician is Nash Fung!
  • What about a lip reader, tarot card reader or handwriting analysis?

Do you have any great ideas of wedding reception games with guests that I didn’t mention? Comment below!



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