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The wedding photo booth is an event I love to see sticking around.

It’s a fabulous way to help engage your guests at your wedding, and it gives you a often hilarious insight to your guests and their shenanigans.  I’ve been offering a wedding photo booth for a couple of years, and it is one of my most asked for add-ons to a clients wedding package! In the past I’ve included the photo booth for the reception (which is open from the end of the ceremony until your time with me has ended) and given a disc of the wedding photo booth images for the client to keep, along with a fun Facebook album to share with their guests!

Recently I realized that the majority of the great images from your wedding photo booth end up just sitting on a computer somewhere when you are given just a disc, and that they really deserve to see the light of day more. Especially for those hard days where you really just need a laugh. So I started offering this fabulous Wedding Photo Booth Book which we take the top 100 images from your photo booth and put together in a 7×7 coffee table album. One image per page and hilarity to follow.

My clients have LOVED this book as it sits on their coffee table and makes them smile. Generates conversations about them and their friends and the funny/ridiculous things that friends will do when given a remote trigger, props and some alcohol.

The wedding photo booth is available to all client who hire me for their wedding photographer, and the photo booth book is included in the package! Wedding photo booth coverage is only $750 for your reception!

Call me today to talk about your wedding and photo booth needs!

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Check out a fun slideshow from a recent wedding photo booth!

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