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One of the often grumbled about wedding tradition is that of the wedding favor. Many couples I hear wonder what the point of the favor is, and why spend the time and energy on something that many guests will toss in the trash, or possibly even leave behind untouched on the table.
Where did this tradition come from? Well, in centuries past, wedding favors were usually candy or Jordan Almonds and were passed on to guests as a token of luck, as the wedding itself was seen as a lucky affair. Over the centuries, and depending on the area of the world you get married, the tradition has changed a bit, but the tradition itself stands strong.

While there are plenty of sites you can go to which will give you wedding favor ideas, usually at a low price point per item, I think it pays to spend a little time and have a favor that is custom to you and your guests. A favor that shares something you love or  something fun your guests can participate in.

Some fun ideas for wedding favors for guests are :wedding-favors-for-guests-005

A Memento :

Kazoo: Something they can continue to use. The kazoo was a hit at one wedding as the bride and groom had a little kazoo song to say thank you during the end of the toasts that all the guests could join in on.

Photo Frame : The bride and groom at this wedding is one of the social generation, where they know there will be tons of pictures taken as well as plenty of drinking happening, so they DIY’d these photo frames with silly words and ensured that guests would end up printing out at least one image from their wedding. Add fun of the photobooth we had set up at their wedding insured there was PLENTY of silly photos for all the frames!


Tasty Treats

Smore makings : When you are having a backyard wedding where there is sure to be  group of folks surrounding a fire pit, make your favors something tasty they can enjoy while still at the party. No one can turn down the fun of a smore, and you are guaranteed to have the kids excited right away!


Treat from your past :  One couple gave tiny bottles of Vermont maple syrup. A staple in the bride’s childhood, but something most their guests had never experienced being in the Pacific NW, she offered a take home gift of memories from her childhood.

Candies: Loved this couple’s unique use of the candy favor. Little cake pops (done when cake pops were super new) packaged and ready to take home

Pez:  The colorful and childhood reminiscing favor of Pez containers given in this wedding’s color scheme

Monogrammed Cookies: A tasty take home treat with the wedding monogram of the couple printed on it.


Shot Glasses

Always a good favor if your guest list is a crowd that drinks. Easily customized with your names and wedding date, and you know they will be used through the years!


Packaged Gifts

For smaller weddings, sometimes you see a package of gifts instead of just one favor. This wedding had a beautiful presentation of their favors which included a monogramed mason jar cup as well as individual perfume bottles for each guest.


Glassware :

I know I’m partial to monogrammed glasses/mugs/ wine glasses as you can always use these! This wedding had a logo made, and included the logo on the glasses instead of the wedding date.



This couple got married on a very hot day, and included individual lemonade bottles as their gifts as it was the brides favorite drink. Simple and thoughtful


Hang Over Packages:

For those that know their party will be making their guests feel less than stellar when they wake up the next day. This hang over package included mason jar drinks, a note saying sorry we gave you a hangover and a single use package of aspirin and EmerganC.  You know those were appreciated in the morning!


Spices & Rubs:

If you are someone that enjoys cooking and good food, why not create a custom blend of tasty spices or a rub to put together for your guests to take home? So the next time they have that steak, they’ll be thinking of you.


Kids :

Don’t forget the kids! What I’ve seen work best for the kids favors is give them something age appropriate that can keep them busy and entertained at the wedding itself. Masks, kazoos, coloring books etc. Makes the job of their parents a bit easier and their parents can relax and have a good time as well. Takes a little more thought, but usually there are less than 10 kids at most weddings, so well worth the effort.


Do you have other ideas of great and useful wedding favors for guests that they’ll love? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below

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