Wedding Day : Do you see each other before the ceremony or wait? •
Wedding Day : Do you see each other before the ceremony or wait?

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There are many many superstitions and traditions when it comes to getting married. One of the ones that I talk to my couples about most is the first time they see each other.
Tradition dictates that you wait until the ceremony for the bride and groom to see each other the first time. But, do you know where that tradition comes from? It’s from when marriages were arranged by the parents. If the bride and groom didn’t see each other before the ceremony, then it wouldn’t give the groom the option of backing out of the wedding. So, in many cases, this was the first time the bride and groom had seen each other EVER! That’s crazy.

In conversation with many of my clients, I hear that the reason why they are leaning towards waiting till the ceremony to see each other, is because they want the moment to be special.

Well, lucky for them, that is what the first look is all about!

The first look is a moment that can be even more special, because it is private and you can both enjoy the moment together instead of being rushed into the ceremony with 150+ guests looking at you.

This is an orchestrated moment so that the first time you lay eyes on each other in your wedding attire, it is an energy filled, emotional moment for just the two of you, and it can be well photographed so that the memory stays vivid for ever!

Still not convinced?

Here’s a list of reason’s why most of my clients see each other before the ceremony.

  • The moment is private and not rushed so you can fully enjoy it
  • This way, you get to spend the majority of the day together instead of waiting till the ceremony (which is usually 2/3 through the day) before being able to spend time with each other
  • You are at the peak of how you will look for the day. The bride has JUST gotten in her dress, her makeup is perfect along with her hair, the groom hasn’t overheated in his tux, you both look great. Which is important because you will start the formals shortly after the first site
  • You can get all the formal photography done with before the ceremony when you are freshest and you have the least distraction.
  • You get to spend an hour of relaxed time just the two of you (and me of course) enjoying the day and your photography experience instead of feeling rushed during cocktail hour
  • You get to spend the entire cocktail hour and reception enjoying your party instead of running off for 1+hours of photos while your guests wait
  • And, my personal favorite part is that we get to play with the groom a little. He knows that you are right there, but he isn’t allowed to turn around and see you until you tell him to. We can be quick about it, or help raise the anticipation and excitement by slooooooowly walking up to him. Trust me, by the time he turns around, he is going to be SOOOO excited to see you that he’s not going to know what to do with himself 🙂

Convinced? If not, that is totally okay as well! It is, after all, completely up to you two. But it is always better to make the decision knowing all the options !


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