How to Make Your Wedding Album Tell Your Story •
How to Make Your Wedding Album Tell Your Story

Once your wedding is over, it’s time to recoup and recover. Head off to your honeymoon and securely place your planning mind back in the corner of your mind closet where it was before he put that ring on your finger.

The day is done and now you just have to wait the few short weeks until you get to relive your wedding through your wedding photos.

I always love hearing what clients think of after they see their wedding photos for the first time. Just like you were waiting checking your email compulsively hoping to see that email from me saying they are now available to see, I in turn end up checking my email compulsively to see what you think of them. I pour my heart into capturing your day, and it is important for me to know that you are ecstatic with the results (so hint hint… let me know!)

After you get through your hundreds and hundreds of images, and you have shared with all your friends and loved ones, you are now on the task of choosing your wedding images.
It can be hard to look through 700 images and find the 70 or so favorites that you think are shining examples of what the day was to you.

Some photographers choose all the images in the album themselves and have you see it after, but I prefer to work with my clients and finding the story together using images that are important to them along with the good storytelling images. I won’t know if a specific image is super important to them or not, so it is great insight to work together and get the best of both worlds.

So, while you look through your wedding photos trying to decide one what makes the wedding album cut and what doesn’t keep some of these tips in mind:

Think story.

Pick an array of images from all different parts of the day

Keep it simple

Don’t choose a lot of similar images. You won’t want 5 different images of the bridesmaids in the album if they are all super similar. Pick the one you like best and move on.


The details will be what brings the story together, so make sure to pick a selection of your favorite details of the day. Some must haves are your dress and shoes, the cake, the reception before people have sit down, your rings, your flowers etc.


It’s always nice to make sure there is an image of all your favorite people at the wedding in a picture, whether it is a candid or a posed group shot, you won’t want to miss having these people in your album.

Ending shot

Pick your favorite image of you and your new wife (or hubby) to be the last image in the book. Go out with a bang!

Collaborate with your photographer and ask their opinion on what would be good in the album and what images might not!

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