VW cruise to Seaside, OR

This weekend was a blast! Pete, me, Levi, Jerry, Sarah, and Becca(#2) went on a VW cruise from Portland, OR to Seaside, OR. Since my friends and I live in Seattle, that means we had a bit of a hike for us to get to the first leg of the weekend. We met up early on Saturday with about 100 other VWs… thats 100 other cars, so probably more like 200-250 people in Hillsboro (which is right by Portland). We all then hopped in our cars and took over highway 26 to Seaside. We all stopped at Camp 18¬†restaurant¬†a couple of miles from Seaside and took over their parking lot. Sadly I have to say though that the $18 they charged a person for brunch was probably the worst $18 I’ve ever lost.Then we spent the rest of the weekend having fun and playing in Seaside. We lucked out on Saturday because it was in the upper 70s for the first time this season. Talk about a perfect time to find yourself with good friends, a bikini and the beach.
Part 1 VWs 😛

Part 2: Fun in the Sun : }

this is why the Oregon coast is so much better than the Washington coast…. notice the lack in rocks and the abundance of sand!!!

Its not very often I get my husband in the heat and the sun AND posing for a picture. I was a very happy girl all weekend.

Our celebratory drink!

Pete, Becca(me), Jerry, Sarah, Levi, and Becca#2

I love chihuahuas

And Part 3: The drive home

We decided to take the winding path home so that I could get some pictures, and well, why not right?

We took Highway 101 up the coast till Aberdeen, WA and then headed back towards I-5. When we stopped in Aberdeen I was so excited by this one old abandoned building that I made all of my friends model for me. They laugh at me when I get super excited about a picture idea cuz I kinda dance around in excitement. It works for me, cuz then they are willing to be my subjects mmmmmmouahahahaha (that was supposed to be an evil laugh 😛 )

“Time Out”

and last but not least. My favorite picture of the entire trip:

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