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New Product – Vision Album

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For the past 5 or 6 years, I’ve only offered one style of wedding album to my couples, as I believe no one wants to be overwhelmed by choices, especially when you truly don’t know the differences between the options you are looking at. I’ve kept it simple with square 10×10 or 12×12 albums with a linen or leather cover, but I decided last year to expand a little and bring in one more style of wedding album:

The Vision Album

Along with new features, each album we produce is custom designed to tell the unique story of each couple’s day. Each 2 page spread is like a chapter in of itself, whether we are telling the story of the details, getting ready, first look or your first dance. Some chapters are told in one breathtaking image while others take 5 or 6. Albums are created with every image included being intentional and each story complete.

Your favorite image is showcased on the cover and your story is held within it’s pages.

The Vision album is unique from my Deluxe and Luxury Wedding Albums in 3 ways.

1) Rectangular format : Looking similar to the standard book format, this album is a 12×9 size.

2) Image printing on the cover. This is the only album I have which gives the option of having an image printed on the cover. It’s a 3/4 image wrap and really helps your album stand out and shine even when it’s on the shelf.

3) Deep matte printing. This feature is hard to explain a la the internets… but the images are printed on a deep matte paper vs a luster or glossy photographic paper. To those who aren’t photo nerds (like me!) what deep matte means is that their is no gloss or shine to the photographs, and the blacks are really dark and punchy. While they still have detail, the images look crisp and have beautiful contrast to them. It’s a style of printing that some find extremely appealing and is also hard to convey in words. When you come in to my home studio, just ask, though and I’ll happily show you the difference!


Vision album a new product from Rebecca Ellison Photography features a flush mount lay flat binding for easy viewingVision album a new product from Seattle wedding photographer Rebecca Ellison features a flush mount lay flat binding for easy viewing

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