A Unique Wedding Venue in the PNW | Treehouse Point | Michael + Auria

Treehouse Point is such a beautiful and unique wedding venue here in the Pacific Northwest. Your guests stay in the treehouses and you are surrounded by the chirps of birds, the babbling of the creek and the laughter of your favorite people.

Mike and Auria’s treehouse wedding was nothing short of spectacular. Intimate with less than 40 people, 1/3 of them coming from Switzerland and experiencing the beauty of the Seattle area like they were in a fairytale.

This day was one of the smoky days we had last year, but with the trees overhead and surrounded by greenery, you would never know there was a blanket of smoke covering the region (from the big fires in Canada and OR in 2017).

The guests dined and clinked their glasses while eating the delicious bites from Herban Feast and through the entire day, whenever your eyes landed on Mike or Auria, they were almost radiating their happiness to be there together with those closest to them.

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