Unique Idea for your Wedding : Vintage Umbrella Rental from Bella Umbrella • rebeccaellison.com
Unique Idea for your Wedding : Vintage Umbrella Rental from Bella Umbrella

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Featured Vendor : Bella Umbrella  – Umbrella Rental

Bella Umbrella Vintage Umbrella RentalThis month I’ve been sharing different inspiration for choosing a wedding theme, and I immediately thought of Bella Umbrella and how useful and amazing umbrellas can be in photos.

Bella Umbrella is a local Seattle company that rents (yep, you don’t have to buy them!) beautiful vintage umbrellas in all shapes and sizes for your wedding. Jodell, the owner wanted umbrellas to shade her guests for her wedding over a decade ago, and couldn’t find anyone that rented them so she scoured eBay. Afterwards, she realized that other brides would love the ability to rent umbrellas for their day, and she opened Bella Umbrella.

Here are a handful of images from weddings I’ve photographed with the beautiful Bella Umbrellas. From photo props to wedding decor, the options make such an impact, and scroll to the bottom to see what Jodell says about her umbrella rental shop
I asked Jodell a couple questions about Bella Umbrella and this is what she had to say:

What type of weddings do you see utilizing umbrellas the best (i.e. pictures, decor, location.)?

Any type of wedding! No matter what the season, location, or theme any wedding can use umbrellas! They can be used both as a beautiful functional element and for an unexpected pop as décor! They look fantastic in photographs – framing a glowing bride, filtering direct sunlight on guests’ faces, sheltering a couple from raindrops, or creating a magical ‘canopy’ over your reception guests!

Are there any trending types/colors of umbrellas you see happening this season?

Classic color combinations like red with black and white as well as pinks are always popular. We’re excited about Pantone’s color story for this year – “en plein air”. Inspired by the natural world, they’re soft and earthy tones versatile to any color scheme and flattering for any complexion. Here is a link to that gorgeous palette:

With over 800 original vintage umbrellas we can accommodate ANY color scheme.

So far for Spring we have been seeing a lot of yellow umbrellas being rented for weddings. We also just released our Signature Bella Umbrella Pagoda colors for Spring: Yellow and Coral. We see them as very popular Spring and Summer colors especially for weddings!

Yellow Pagoda Umbrella

Coral Pink Pagoda Umbrella

These are retail for $129 or you can rent them for $20 each for a five day period.

How many days do you recommend renting the umbrellas for? And how far out in advance (esp for a summer wedding)?

The typical rental period lasts 5 days – Thursday through Monday. Of course we are happy to accommodate special needs when we can, but the umbrellas are in high demand during the summer wedding season! As soon as you know your event date we would advise looking through our rental collection online to match your colors and event theme. We have hundreds of umbrellas, but if you have your heart set on a specific umbrella the earlier you can rent the better!

What’s the most creative thing you’ve seen someone do with your umbrellas?

There are many things, but our favorite is when people hang them from the ceiling to create a beautiful art piece for the ceiling of their event. Here are some of our favorite examples. We have also seen people do some very creative centerpieces using the umbrellas. The choices are endless when you have such unique, beautiful, and timeless pieces at your disposal!

Do you rent/sell any other fun wedding type gear/decor?

Our shop is exclusively an umbrella specialty boutique.

Go check out Bella Umbrella Rental now!

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