Top 5 Things to Remember on Your Wedding Day •
Top 5 Things to Remember on Your Wedding Day

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After months and months of planning, you think you are ready for the wedding, but once the day arrives everything starts to move at warp speed, and there are some things that can be overlooked in all the movement. To continue this months theme of wedding planning, I asked good friend and expert planner Holly Patton of Perfectly Posh Events so give me her list of the top 5 things often overlooked or forgotten about on the wedding day.

Holly is a gal who knows her stuff. She has been awarded the “Best Planner” award from Seattle Bride magazine for the past two years, and her company is one of the most sought after planning companies I know of . Her team planned and coordinated 38 weddings in 2014… and if you think about how much time it is taking you to plan just yours, can you imagine keeping track of 37 others!!! 

Well, Holly is here to give some great advice for a “must remember” list on your wedding day.

Top 5 Things to Remember on your Wedding Day

1)     Don’t forget the Marriage License! I know this sounds pretty obvious but I had several couples forget this pretty crucial item {even with a reminder on their wedding day checklist} so now I require my couples to give it to either myself or their officiant before the wedding day.

2)     Delegate planning, setup/cleanup and coordination tasks to others so you can focus on spending time celebrating with your loved ones.  It’s your party, be sure to take time to enjoy it! Remember that this is probably the only time in your life when all the people who you love the most will be in one room.

3)     Remember to schedule some “down time” for you and your new spouse to spend together on the wedding day.  I always encourage my couples to plan at least 15 minutes of alone time after the ceremony so they can relax, eat some food, and just “be married” before they start socializing with guests.  Often this is the only time that couples have together on the wedding day and it’s so important that I actually write it into their timelines.

4)     Don’t forget to bring an extra pair of comfortable shoes to change into.  Your pretty shoes will look great for photos but no need to put yourself through torture on the dance floor by wearing them all night long!  Plus the last thing you need is to step on glass because you were dancing barefoot and someone dropped a wineglass.

5)     Be sure to pack a nice hanger for your wedding dress to hang on during photos.  There is nothing worse than getting photos back from a stunning wedding just to see a drop-dead-gorgeous gown hanging on a plastic hanger – I cringe every time.  Plus your photographer will love you!!!

These are some great tips that are oh so often looked over while you are planning you wedding. And if you like what Holly has to say, go check out her blog, as she consistently gives great advice over there too!

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