The Secret to Pike Place Market Engagement Photos •
The Secret to Pike Place Market Engagement Photos

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Pike Place Market is an Iconic Seattle location for your engagement photos!

But there is a secret to getting great photos of this iconic Seattle scene that doesn’t’ have 99 tourists in the image with you.

You see,  summertime in Seattle instantly means the market is going to be bananas crazy in business. You are shoulder to shoulder with crowds of people, looking at the fresh produce and hearing calls of fish throwing in the background.

It makes for a fun experience, but it doesn’t make for good photos.

Want to know the secret to getting great engagement photos at Pike Place Market?

You go before opening or after the market is closed.

If you want it truly all to yourself, show up at 7:30am on a Saturday. The light will be soft, the vendors will be showing up, but the crowds won’t be there.

Or, arrive during golden hour, those last 2 hours before sunset like we did for Bryan and Katelyn’s engagement session.

The vendors were packed up, the fish on ice and the crowds dispersed.

All we had to do was find the pretty light and wait for 3 or 4 people to exit our scene instead of 100.

If you want to do engagement photos at Pike Place, choose early morning or golden hour and you’ll be happy you did!

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