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Just Check Out This Stunning Lavender Wedding Dress!

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Sometimes you just want to stand out and walk to the beat of your own drum. And this is exactly the way that Jaclyn and Marc like to play the game. They met in improv class, and even got engaged on the stage. They picked the Georgetown Ballroom for their wedding venue because it too marches to its own beat. Probably the most unique wedding venue in Seattle, and they brought their own fun flair to liven it up even more.

First an foremost Jaclyn’s amazing lavender wedding dress from Mod Cloth. When I saw this dress, I completely swooned. Because not only was it perfect for Jaclyn in the cut and style, but the color was beautiful and soft but also unique. It was perfect.

These two are lovers of pop culture and showed that love through all the fun different aspects of their wedding day. For example.

Why have a guest book when your friends can sign their names on a Lego set and help build you your first lego home?

Why have flowers as centerpieces when you could have awesome board games from your childhood that will also entertain your guests who don’t want to get up on that dance floor?

Who needs flowers at all when you can have a paper bouquet created from the pages of Harry Potter?

Why just have a friend read at the ceremony when you can have a red shirt from Star Trek do the reading instead? (Don’t they all die though??) 

Why have a cake when you can have lots of treats with decorations ranging from Zelda, Haley Quinn, Batman, Star Trek and more?

Why let your guests just clink glasses to make you kiss when you can have a  huge 20 sided D&D die where they have to come up and roll higher than a 10 to make you kiss?

And of course, you should have your grand entrance to your reception with Chewbacca in tow (obviously!)

Well, to say the least, you know these two know how to have fun and laugh together. Their wedding (and every interaction I ever had with them) proved that that was what they knew how to do best!

Oh, and I almost forgot… why have your wedding on any day other than April 1st, if April 1st is available?

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