Studio Newborn Portraits | Baby Fiona •
Studio Newborn Portraits | Baby Fiona

I’ve been photographing the Berry family since before they were even “the Berry Family” Dan and Kailen are good friends, and they’ve been my guinea pigs back in the day when I was learning what I was doing with a camera, my surprise subjects when Dan proposed in NYC, and one of my all time favorite wedding clients when they put chandeliers in the trees, and had a backyard wedding shindig in 2012.

But I think this may be my favorite new reason to capture these amazing folks. Little baby Fiona arrived in July, and we had to wait a couple weeks to be able to give this little one snuggles seeing that they now live down by Portland. But a couple weeks ago, I got my snuggles in and I am smitten. Fiona is a lovely, adorable and just sweet little bundle of personality and I can’t wait to see which traits of Dan and which traits of Kailen she chose to pick up as she grows.

Usually I photograph families, especially newborns at their homes. It makes it easier for me to come to them, but in this situation, where they live a 4 hour drive away, I photographed them in my studio in Shoreline. Little Fiona was intrigued by my lights and absolutely loved snuggling in mom’s arms, as well as found her place on daddy’s chest and fully fell asleep. The only two we were missing were Pixel and Rainier, their two lab pups. But rest assured you can find those two rambunctious ones here from their feature in Kailen’s maternity photos with dogs.

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