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A Special Dinner for my Mom via Brothers Catering

brothers-catering001My mom turned 67 this year, and we always like to do something fun for her birthday. Usually my dad plans a dinner out for all of us, and that was the plan for this year as well. That is until my sister and I went to Get Hitched Give Hope and bid on the dinner for 8 with wine pairings from Brothers Catering. We all know my love and support for Get Hitched Give Hope, but I usually don’t bid on bigger items like this but this one just jumped out at us.
We weren’t sure exactly what the menu was going to be as Zachary and his brother were going to be handcrafting the menu depending on season and what was readily available from local farms in the week coming up to the event. We corresponded via email planning everything and, even with their travels to Thailand in the weeks before our dinner, I always felt like they were available if I had a question.

They put together this amazing menu of which I honestly didn’t know what 90% of it meant. I am very much a food lover, but not a food connoisseur…. but I trusted that they knew what they were doing, and oh goodness was it amazing! My brother and sister in law are also gluten free, and the Brothers seamlessly made adjustments to the meal so that they were able to enjoy the meal just as the rest of us did.

The day of the event, they came into my parents house and cooked all the food in her kitchen. They were so very nice and great at explaining just it was that we were eating, and also the inspiration behind the dish. Ranging from their favorite dish from their grandma’s kitchen to twists from their recent travels abroad.

Each dish was delivered beautifully presented and paired with a local wine. They had brought in a waitress as well to help with keeping the food coming and the wine glasses full.

My family is one that loves to talk. We thrive off of discussions that can easily become …loud at the dinner table. We’ve always been a family that joins over dinner and talks about the things that are easy and fun to talk about, as well as the things we know we don’t agree on…. but there were multiple times during this dinner where it was silent.

SILENT people SILENT. This does not happen in the Ingraham household

Silent because we were all relishing in the flavors in our mouths and the experience of the entire evening. That silence is a feat in itself.

We had added on  mac and cheese (a Brothers Catering special) for the little ones, and their mac and cheese was so good it got my niece Annie, who doesn’t usually like/touch carbs, eat her entire plate full. We had brought other small snack items for the kids so that as we all got our courses served, they would have something as well as it was looking to be a 2+ hour seated dinner. They went above and beyond and made sure the snacks were plated beautifully as well so that the kids also felt special.

The food made us speechless and the experience will be one that lives on in our hearts for a very long time. Thank you Brothers Catering for going above and beyond, and for Get Hitched Give Hope for making our meal possible!

brothers-catering002S’more Chicken
schmaltz(chicken fat) graham, chicken marshmallow, cured hens egg, nuoc mam(fish sauce) mustard

Pan con Tomate
lardo toast, preserved tomato, heirloom garlic, country ham


Go Nuts for Gonads
uni, celeriac noodles, pistachio-lemon cream, chervil

Seared Sea Scallop
with a sunchoke and oyster puree, Asia pear, and a rose ponzu.


Floral Roots
local root vegetables, puffed grain soil, sultanas vinaigrette, flower essences(essential oils and dried buds)


Camping Potatoes
crispy confit potatoes, flared bacon fat, ketchup, onion, flavors of Johnny’s


Don’t Get Hung Up
seared hanger steak, sunchoke, chicory, radish, bone marrow vinaigrette


Adult Snow Cone
ginger beer ice, Fernet Branca ice cream, fresh apple

Chocolate in Layers
with mulled wine, poached pears, a rose cream

Are you in need of an amazing experience and food that will give you a new appreciation for taste? Than I HIGHLY recommend contacting Brothers Catering. Trust me… It’s worth it! Here’s their contact info

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  1. Anonymous

    February 19th, 2015 at 3:49 pm

    So right Becca. The whole experience was a delight. Each bite savored. And all the kids were awesome during the whole meal.

  2. Anonymous

    February 19th, 2015 at 3:49 pm

    So right Becca. The whole experience was a delight. Each bite savored. And all the kids were awesome during the whole meal.

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