Social Media Tips for the Wedding Day •
Social Media Tips for the Wedding Day

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We live in a social media-obsessed time. Everyone is their own PR agent, and want to share the best of what is happening in their lives. One place that is a mecca for social media tags/photos / and sharing is a wedding, but it’s important to understand etiquette both as the bride or groom and as a wedding guest.

Here are Some Social Media Tips for the Wedding Day

For the Couple : 

Do : share a hashtag you’ve created for your wedding with the guests. Put it on your invites, have a sign at the wedding, and friends and family will help you curate all the masses of iPhone photos that will be taken on your day so that they actually get to you vs being forgotten on your guest’s device a day or two later.

Do :

 Check that your hashtag isn’t being used already. You don’t want to flood another person’s wedding with your posts or loose where your images are in a host of others photos. There are sites out there that can generate a non-used hashtag for your use

Do :

  Set the expectations for the amount of social media sharing your bridal party is allowed to do before the actual ceremony. I’ve heard horror stories of the groom seeing the bride via his FB stream before the first look before because an excited bridesmaid didn’t think before hitting the share button.


 Set the expectations for your guests sharing photos of you. If you want to be the first to share a photo of the newly married you, you can add a quick line to your program saying “while we are all excited to share our marriage online, please refrain from posting images of the wedding until we’ve had the chance to ourselves!”

Do :

 Change your FB settings you can make it so you have to approve any images on your timeline where you are tagged. That way that drunken photo of you on the dance floor in your dress doesn’t necessarily need to be shown.


social media tips for the wedding day

For the Guests : 


Use the hashtag that the couple set up so that they can find the photos you’ve taken


Try and stay out of the way of the professional photographer. While we all know you are excited to capture this moment (when you could just live it), the professional photographer has been hired by your friends to capture it for them, and your friends are going to want the picture of their first kiss by the is a, and not of your butt as you walk in front of the photographer to capture it yourself.

Do :

 Wait till after the ceremony to post any photos so that the bride and groom

Do :

 Put your phone down and enjoy yourself! Studies show that when you photograph a moment instead of life in it, you don’t clearly set the memory in your brain and you don’t remember it as well. There will be plenty of other photos, so just sit back, have a drink and enjoy yourself!


Visit their wedding website if you have any questions about directions or gifts or other wedding things. Most likely they’ve laid it all out for you there, and don’t need to be taking the time to answer the same questions repeatedly.


Keep any and all critiques of the wedding off of social media. Your friend spent mass time and energy planning this affair, and even if you would have done things slightly differently, keep it to yourself, as they deserve to have only good memories of the event.


Leave the wedding if you get into an argument with anyone (your date, an old friend, your mom … whatever). You’d think this would be obvious, but it’s not the day to deal with grumbly feelings you may have with another guest, or to get in an argument with your date. Weddings are emotional affairs, and you don’t want to be remembered as the friend who got in an argument and brought the feel of the day down.

Do you have any social media tips for the wedding day that you can add? Leave in the comments below.

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