Shapes and Shadows

A couple of days ago, I went on a walk with some friends up to the West Seattle Junction. I was in an artsy mood, so I brought my camera, and the whole day shapes and shadows were standing out to me. It was really fun to go out and take a look at West Seattle from a different perspective. Even though most of the pictures I made, could’ve been taken anywhere, it is like my own little good bye to West Seattle as Pete and I are moving to North Seattle this weekend. We’ve lived in West Seattle for five years, and I will definitely miss this place, so I am happy I have this memory to file away.

re_090226_8541re_090226_85441re_090226_8545 I found these two last photos to be quite telling of the times we are living in right now…I actually walked past this first and then noticed that it was the Business section of the newspaper and it is¬† almost unrecognizable and I had to come back and take a better look.

re_090226_8546I love trees! They are so magnificent. There is something about lone trees out in the middle of a landscape that  always seems to take my breath away.

re_090226_8556re_090226_8559I loved the randomness of the pink handrail.

re_090226_8561 I get so used to looking for the overcast days or the shadowed areas when photographing people, that I have to retrain myself when shooting objects and nature how cool and strong hard light can be if used correctly.

re_090226_8563re_090226_8566The only thing I could think here is that there is some kid crying somewhere…

re_090226_8567Love it. Psychic Barber anyone?

re_090226_8570We stopped into¬† Rite Aid to get something to drink, and this display caught my eye. It seems to me that this is what America thinks is Easter now… processed sugary treats with not a single natural ingredient.


re_090226_8579So, while looking at this table of used books, this book catches Dan’s eye and he goes “look, a cat, wolf, seal type thing…”¬† I have to admit I can see all three of those animals in this illustration… not the scariest, but it definately made me laugh.

re_090226_8580Some tagger has plastered these tags of electrical outlets all over the junction. I’m wondering if there is an underlying message about power consumption, or if they thought it was just clever. Made me think though.


We we went into Seattle Fish Co. on California as Kailen had a craving for Salmon. While she was ordering, I found interesting things to shoot.

re_090226_8588re_090226_8589Now, the crab makes my mouth water, but I just can’t figure what is appatizing about the look of octopus 😛

I am sad that I’ve lived here for 5 years and this was the first time that I went into the Seattle Fish Co. They had a crazy selection of fish and it was all super fresh… much better looking than Safeway’s selection for sure!

re_090226_8595Next stop, we went to the antique mall on California… this Marilyn doll kinda creeps me out.

re_090226_8597re_090226_8601Then on the way home, we were walking and all of us were surprised by the emensness of this white wall. Seems like someone could make some advertising dolloars for sure!

Thanks for looking! Leave a comment if you so desire. 😛

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